Monday, May 3, 2010

23rd April, 2010

The first sight out of the gate each morning as my torture begins. Our part. A closer view.
Our house . We have the top window on the far right.
View of the stables, throught the gate
The alarm went off at the proper time on Friday morning and I headed off to school about a quarter to 8. I got lost again and found myself around the High Schools somehow.The children are lovely except for Nabil, but he was a lot better today. However he is an absolute handful and a show off. I think he is very bright and has been bored in American schools for many years so has turned to bad behaviour instead. I taught for 2 hours and then we had Break supervision and the next 2 hours are off again for me.
The children went to the French teacher. I did playground duty and then we had 4 times around the "castle" Old Manor House in the grounds outside the gate and then sport on the asphalt. Well Lorretta, did while I looked on. We are locked in all day; the gate into the park is locked and the building is locked as well. You have to put in a code to open the boom gate from the street and an alarm code for the building.
I only got a bit lost going home and felt much better about it all. Gray had been walking in different parts again and we talked about where he had been. We drove back into Chantilly in the evening and parked on the footpath outside the Brasserie and had a nice dinner in the same place as on Wednesday night.It is a nice way to finish the week. We drove home in the daylight. It is good that it is still light till about 9.30 so we haven't had to tackle driving with lights yet. The house is comfortable and the bed is good. The shower is fantastic and that is a luxury because many French ones are not.

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